Saturday, January 29, 2011

Show Me Five
Review of Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate Series

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Show Me Five was originally created by That's a Novel Idea as a weekly Saturday meme and has become a favorite review format of mine.

The questions number indicates the number of answers provided. I enjoy using this format to do reviews because it allows me to put my own flair to it, and I have since developed this format into one of several book projects my students use for their independent reading.

1 Name of Book:

by Gail Carriger

2 Words that describe the books:
 Exquisite fun

3 Setting where it place/characters:

The primary setting for all three books is Victorian England, and London specifically. In Soulless Miss Tarabotti lives with her mother, and two step-sisters in  her step-father's town home.  

There are frequent references to the streets of London, where Miss Tarabotti travels to visit her very close friends, Miss Hisselpenny, and Lord Akeldama, a rove vampire.

However, in both Changeless and Blameless, Alexia travels.  
In Changeless she boards a dirigble and flies to Scotland to Woolsey Castle to help Lord Maccon find answers to a curse that is keeping werewolves and other supernaturals mortal.  The Castle is described as sitting an rock outcrop overlooking a lake.

In Blameless Alexia travels to Italy where she is imprisoned in a Templar's monestary.

4 Likes or Dislikes:

Be prepared as this is where I will be gushing over everything:
  • First and foremost I adore Gail's characterization. Each and every character from Alexia and Lord Maccon to Alexia's mother and sisters are all so sharply detailed that it is impossible not to feel and see each character as real. I loved spending time with them and getting to know each and everyone in a most personal way.
  • I loved Gail's masterful use of language.  Her descriptions are incredible. She brilliantly  describes not only setting, but fashion, and is equally adept at detailing scientific machines that make up the characteristics of steampunk. I am simply in awe of this woman's mind and writing talent.
  • I loved each and every adventure, and love how each book built upon the last. After listening to Soulless, which by the way is a wonderful audio production, I literally had to read the next two books, and I was quite sad when I finished the third book because I did not want to leave this fabulous world and people behind.
  • Finally, the Victorian world Carriger has created is mind boggling. The paranormal aspect is the best I have come across. Once again I believe it is due to Gail's attention to details, from the details of everyday Victorian life to the innovative way she structured Victorian politics and the infusion of the paranormal with Queen Victorian realm.
5 Stars or less:

I definitely give all three books five stars, and recommend the series to anyone who loves paranormal, steampunk, or books that have the ability to transport you from the 21 Century to a different time and place.

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