Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Book to Movie Mini Challenge

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Blog About Nothing is hosting this mini challenge asking us to 
name of a book or series that you would love to see get made into a movie or a TV show and your cast choices for the main characters.
I love Lesley Livingston's characters from Wondrous Strange and Darklight think it the books would make a great movie.  Here are my choices for the main characters.

Kate Marie would play seventeen-year-old Kelly. Kelly is Irish and a red-head and Kate qualifies. I also think Kate while still innocent looking has a certain independence and self-confidence that Kelly also had.
For the role of Sonny who is also Irish,  strong and confident, I think Ian Somerhalder will fit quite well. He is very hot and when Kelly first meets him in the park she has a hard time forgetting him. I know if I met Ian anywhere the memory would be etched in my brain forever.

For the role of Kelly's father Auberon, King of the Faeries, I think Hugh Jackman is perfect. Auberon is strong and handsome with a dark side and Hugh is all of this an more.
For Kelly's mom, Queen Mabh, I would cast  Nicole Kidman. Kidman is beautiful as a red-head and has the ability to look regal, as well as hard and evil. Queen Mabh is described as beautiful, but also has a very dark-side to her, and Mabh and Kelly have to have a resemblance, which I think Kate and Nicole have.

For the role of Bob (Puck), I would cast Jamie Bell. I mean look at that face, if it doesn't scream mischievous prankster I don't know who does.

One other role I would cast is a member of the Janus Guard. Jason Stratham would play Maddocks, Sonny's friend. I chose him beacause I love to watch this man fight, but he also has a code of conduct that matches Maddocks.

What do you think should I give up teaching and apply as a casting director in Hollywood?


Mrs. DeRaps said...

I'd watch anything with Jason Stratham!! infomercial, whatever. I love him!

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

I am not familiar with the books, but I LOVE your cast. Wonderful! Especially the boys.;)

thebookfairyhaven said...

Great cast pics - especially Nicole Kidman, I definitely think she'd be able to pull of Mabh. Also loved Wondrous Strange but have yet to read Darklight.

cynthial11 said...

Wow! Awesome choices, I would watch anything with Ian in it!!! =)

Sue Jackson said...

My usual answer to this question is that I'm dying to see the Stephanie Plum novels made into movies - with Sandra Bullock as Stephanie and Queen Latifah as Lulu - I can see it!!!

BUT, that's a grown-up series and I'm guessing your question is for YA novels.

In that case, the first thing to come to mind is The Hunger Games - my favorite book(s) of the last two years!! But my husband and I can't think of a good young actress to be Katniss. All the teen actresses that come to mind are too cute and well-known. It would have to be someone less well-known, a talented young actress who could be athletic, gritty and tough, yet caring on the inside. In fact, Kristin Stewart would have been good for the role BEFORE she starred in the Twilight movies and became a hot celebrity. Some of her earlier roles were like that.

Great question!


E.J. Stevens said...

Great choices for these roles! I agree. These actors and actresses would all be perfect (and who wouldn't want to watch a movie with Jackman, Stratham, and Somerhalder??). :)


Suey said...

I totally agree with your Ian comments! :)

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