Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cover Glam

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Cover Art is an important part of a book's marketing strategy. My students are often drawn to a book simply because of what is on the cover. It is the first impression a reader gets about the book, and although I usually make my decision about buying a book more on the publisher's summary and who actually wrote the book, I am not immuned to cover art glam.

Here are five books that strongly illustrate just how gorgeous book art has affected a me:

  • From the moment I first laid eyes on this cover I knew I had to have this book. The golden light shining through the winged couple accenting their silhouettes, the girl's long hair feathering outward, and the closeness of the couple's faces provide the impression that this is a heavenly love.

  • Another gorgeous cover. The model's  porcelain skin against the black background is sheer beauty. The dots of silver pop, and the mist whispers of magic.

  • The colors in Hex Hall is what drew me to this cover. They are vibrant and sort of have a Ying Yang affect with the completely different mirrored images. I also love the details of the title being reflect in the pool, and the misty forest in the background. Finally, the totally different stance to the two females one cries out shy and unsure, while the other is assertive and daring. 

  • This cover speaks to me because of it's crisp clean lines. The model's eyes peeping over the top of her extra large sunglasses and her smirky smile (a modern day Mona Lisa) dares the reader to resist. The reflection of the painting is a nice touch too.

  • The vibrancy of the azure flower against the totally black background in  The Body Finder is incredible in and of its self, but then, the addition of a light behind the flower illuminating the flower's veins, sharpens the image making it pop giving it  a three dimensional feel.
Despite the fact that I have enjoyed all of these books (except Halo, which isn't out yet), each one called to me from their shelves because of their glam.

So have you ever bought a book based solely on cover glam?


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