Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bloggiesta #3 Let's Party!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last January I participated in the second Bloggiesta albeit a bit late, so I am very excited about being in at the starting gate for the third Bloggiesta which begins tomorrow today at 8 AM (actually began at 2:30 AM).  To sign up and get the low down on what exactly a Bloggiesta is and how to play head over to Maw Books.

You will also find some amazing bloggers who can help you with various tasks, such set your goals, create favicon, create meta tags, etc.

My goal is to log in as many hours as I can, but I am going for at least 24 hours over the 72 hour time span. 

What I plan to do during the Bloggiesta?

  • Write reviews. (I have lots to do since last weeks Read-a-Thon)
  • Write backup posts for a rainy day.
  • Conduct and edit author interviews (hopefully).
  • Create template posts for future reads (ie: title, images, linking, tags, etc,) so I can open up, write review and post without being bogged down with technicalities
  • Clean up my tags.
  • Add or edit my about me page, review policy, disclosure policy, privacy policy, create landing pages (for example – an about me for Twitter readers page) or any other pages I might have.
  • Work on some specialized projects.
  • Clean out and organize my feed reader and blog subscriptions (it is a real mess).
  • Clean out my blog file folders (hoping to get rid of a lot of saved images and what not that I do not need any more). 
  • Backup my blog
  • Create meta tags
  • Create favicon 
  • Get a blogging buddy
  • Create copyright statement
  • Complete commenting mini-challenge
  • Complete blog directory mini-challenge
  • Added RSS Feed to sidebar
So what will you be doing during the Bloggiesta?


    Angela Craft said...

    Sooooooooo excited for the Bloggiesta. I'm a huge nerd, I know, but I really did have a great time during the last one, and got *tons* of stuff done on my blog. I don't have any real firm plans, except I've been dying to change my blog template, so I'm going to dedicate some time to that this weekend (Blogger just introduced the template designer to everyone, so I'll probably play around with that). Also, my tags could use some tidying up, and I ALWAYS need to write more reviews!

    Allison said...

    great list! I think you've given me a couple items to add to my own (thanks a lot)...

    This is my first Bloggiesta and I'm very excited about it!

    Lexie said...

    I really love your header and signature!! Did you make them yourself?

    And good luck! ::cheers::

    Anonymous said...

    I love your blog. Good Luck!

    Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

    Whew, looks like you have a lot ahead of you, good luck! And, psh, you already have a blogger buddy here. :D

    Sherrie said...

    That's quite a list. I am going to work on my label/tag. They are a real mess right now. Have a great day!

    Just Books

    Chris said...

    That's a big list but good luck on tackling it.

    Thanks for reading my Daughter of Witching Hill review. It was a fantastic read.

    Natasha @ Maw Books said...

    You've gotten a lot done! Don't hesitate to let me know if you need any help.

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