Friday, May 21, 2010

Author Events Louis Sachar

Friday, May 21, 2010
One more week and school is out for the summer. I am ecstatic because unlike previous summers I am not teaching summer school, and I do not have to work on my father's house. Basically, my only real plan is to READ!

I am really feeling the excitement of being free to be a full time blogger and have plans to attend as many author events as I can.  In fact I attended one last night when I went to hear Louis Sachar talk about his new young adult novel Cardturner.

I received his new book in the mail this week, read it and got my copy signed. A review will be coming soon.

He read from the new book, and it was obvious from the passages he chose, how much he likes his main character Alton.

Sachar answered lots of questions about his books. I loved all the children who wanted to know about Wayside School and of course Holes.  I learned that Sachar wrote the screen play for Holes and that he also wrote a play of Small Steps, which opened in Seattle a couple of months ago.

My next author event will be to see Ann Brashares talk about her new book My Name is Memory on June 3.

Gotta love summer!


Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of meeting him at the AZ English Teacher's Conference back in 2005/2006. He's awesome! He stopped in to watch some of our workshops and he was so generous and kind. It's awesome to meet such interesting and great authors.

Beverly said...

How fun! I got to meet Robin Hobb today! I love meeting and chatting with authors! Where is Ann Brashares on June 3?

chelleyreads said...

i wish there are author events here where i live but unfortunately we hardly get authors coming to maui for book events.

i'm excited for summer too! only three more days of work here :)

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