Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clean Away the Clutter/ Read-A-Thon Activity #4

Thursday, April 8, 2010
Today's Clean Away the Clutter is hosted by Teen Read and Write and asks about our ever growing TBR pile. As I mentioned on Monday during the first activity, I just bought a new book case for my TBR pile.  It is a small bookcase and not yet filled, which means I think that my TBR pile is not totally out of control just yet.

So in answer to the first question: Nope I do not have one book in the pile that I can honestly get rid of before I read it.

As to the next question about a gotta have book, well at the moment I have an entire wishlist on Amazon of the new books coming out and some pre-ordered. The one two I am most anxious for are Mistwood, and The Prince of Mist.

 As a teacher, I have lots of books I consider comfortable books I never want to give up. For example,

on these book shelves I have all my favorite poetry collections,  Shakespeare, short story collections, and my mythology books along with all my favorite reference books that I use regularly in my classroom. So that answers #3 question.

Finally, since I am still a new blogger, I have no  insights to give to those of you who have huge TBR piles. I am trying hard to get through mine, and it isn't that large yet. I guess I am just going to try to read more and buy less (well at least read more should work).

 Classroom shelves with all the YA books I have bought over the years. I lend these out to my students to read. Helps with the home clutter.


Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

You're ahead of most because your TBR is manageable and you can keep it from getting out of control!

I'm hoping to read Mistwood soon too. Haven't heard about Prince of Mist but will check it out!

I like your list of favorites. And thanks for all the pictures of your books and shelves.

FYI - if you'd like some of our bookmarks for your class room, just send us an email. YOu can look at the designs here

They are patterned after our blog design.

Thanks for participating!

Christina T said...

I'm looking forward to Mistwood too but I'm going to try to get it from the library.

I think reading more and buying less will definitely help you gain control of your TBR pile.

I'm glad that you loan your books to your students. I was so thankful growing up for teachers who let me borrow their books and especially for one middle school reading teacher who used to loan me money to buy the occasional cheap paperback from Scholastic (in those days you could get a Nancy Drew book for under $3 and I used to pay her with my lunch money). Your students are blessed to have a teacher who wants to pass on a love of reading to them.

ladystorm said...

Wish my bookshelves look like that. :)

I haven't heard of either book you want so I will have to look them up.


Mama Librarian said...

Aha! Solution: Have a classroom to hold your TBR pile.

Unfortunately, I have a library to hold mine, and it still migrates home with me. Oh, well. =)

Anonymous said...

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