Monday, April 5, 2010

Clean Away the Clutter/Read-A-Thon

Monday, April 5, 2010
Kate at the The Neverending Shelf is hosting a Clean Away the Clutter Read-A-Thon that begin today and ends Sunday. Obviously, the read-a-thon is meant to help us put a dent in our TBR pile. While mine isn't as large as most blogger's, I still had to go out this weekend and buy a new bookcase just to hold my current TBR books (and I am expecting several April release books in the mail this week so more is on the way).

I am also planning on buying a couple larger bookcases so I can unpack all the books I have had sitting in boxes in my garage since I moved last spring (I miss them terribly and want them shelved).

My goal for the Read-A-Thon will be to read at least 48 hours over the course of the week. I am also combining this with the Dewey 24 Hour Read-A-Thon on Saturday. 

Kristen at Bookworming in the 21 Century has posted the first Activity for the Clean Away the Clutter Read-A-Thon.

#1 Here is my new bookshelf which will house my TBR books.

#2 Writing reviews takes me more time than it probably does most blogger, I am still working on how to combat this and would love to know how you tackle your reviews? As to my organization, I am lucky that once I read a book I usually take it to school and shelf it for my students to read.

#3 My plan for the Clean Away the Clutter is to hit the TBR pile hard, (48 hours of reading planned this week) and to buy at least two more bookcases and unpack my books in the garage.


Staci said...

Your bookshelf looks so neat and tidy!! Give it time and it will explode all over the house!

Kristen said...

It's so small!! lol. Mine is double that size that I just bought and already mostly filled (except for my recent arrivals section - which i'm *trying* to clear out after each IMM post... I swear..!) Great goals!

Jan von Harz said...

Yes, it is small but the two new one are going to be big ones so I can unpack all the books I still have boxed.

chelleyreads said...

hi jan! you have a great looking shelf there... looks very sturdy and perfect for heavy hardcovers. good luck with the challenge :)

Lenore said...

I am already composing my reviews while I am reading usually.

It still takes me about an hour though, all said and done, per review.

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