Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top Ten Sequels I'm Dying to Read

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Because we all love lists, this meme created by The Broke and the Bookish was created to give us a chance to combine that love with our passion for books.

This week is all about the sequels we are most anxious to read. So here is my top ten list.

Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck:  I fell in love with this series set in India. The combination of Indian mythology, a quest to break a centuries old curse and a romantic triangle that involves brothers is filled with loads of action and a high stake danger. I cannot wait to find out, which of the brothers Kelsey will choose or whether or not she will even get the chance to choose. The book is due out Nov 1, 2011

The Calling by Kelly Armstrong: The cover for The Calling can only be found on Armstrong's website and I am excited about this second book in this trilogy it will be especially painful to wait until spring to get my hands on this one. Maya the main character is a skin-walker who lives with her adopted parents on Vancouver Island in a small medical research town. The first book ended on a huge cliff-hanger with Maya and her friends and family leaving town after a forest fire deliberately set forces them to evacuate. Lots of unanswered question about the research facility and Maya's newly discovered abilities make this second a book a must have for me.

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare: I came to Clare's writing after reading Clockwork Angel and after devouring it and then all of the Mortal Instruments books I am a devoted fan. Got a feeling that this book will be on a lot of people's list today and for good reason. We all want to find out what is in store for both Jem, and Will, and Tessa. Romance, demon fighting, with steampunk thrown in for good measure this series is high adventure at its best.

Hallowed by Cynthia Heard:  The Unearthly series caught me by surprise as I am not all the fond of angel related books. I especially fell in love with Tucker the hot cowboy who won Clare's heart and am anxious to see where their romance and Clare's angel training will lead next.
Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver: Its hard to believe that Oliver only released her debut novel about the time I began blogging (two years ago). I loved Delirium and hated that at the end of the first book Lena escaped without Alex. This book finds Lena fighting against the oppressive society. The summary suggests that Lena not only is struggling to survive, but may be falling love again. 

Outpost by Ann Augirre:  I recently finished Enclave and am happy that there is a sequel coming out that continues the struggle of Deuce, Fade, and Stalker as they adjust to life topside. While this one is not scheduled to be release till fall 2012, it sounds like all the things that made Enclave a thrilling dystopian novel will make Outpost just as thrilling.

Perception by Kim Harrington: Clarity was such an original and charming mystery with a great setting and a different protagonist that I am looking forward to revisiting Clare and her psychic abilities as she tries to unravel a new mystery close to her heart.

While this one is in the final stages of editing, which means no cover or release date as yet, I am excited about it because I was quite captivated with The Magnolia League. The first book takes place in Savannah, Georgia and introduced us to Alex a free-spirited girl forced to live with her grandmother who is the grand dame of a Southern society that has enjoyed wielding power hoodo style.  In book two I see Alex and her grandmother going head to head and I am rooting for Alex.

The Death Cure by James Dashner: The final book in this amazing dystopian series that started out strong and maintained that strength in book two, but left us hanging as to who would survive definitely has a place on my list of sequels. The Wicked experiments went from jungle to desert and based on the cover will find Thomas fighting Arctic conditions as he attempts to takes down Wicked. Coming out next month.

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore: While this last title is not really a sequel, I am adding it because of  it is a companion book to Graceling, which is one of my all time favorite book since I first began blogging. I love the adventure and the romance of Graceling, but most of all Cashore's gorgeous poetic prose. Katsa remains top on my list of stand out heroines, and I figure if Cashore is not going to write a sequel to Gracling, then Bitterblue, which will bring Katsa and Po back along with an older version of Bitterblue, which will certainly be the next best thing.



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