Saturday, September 24, 2011

Show Me Five Review
Vanish by Sophie Jordan

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Show Me Five review, which  was originally created by That's a Novel Idea as a weekly Saturday meme and has become a favorite review format of mine. The numbers correspond to the number of answers provided about the book.

 1 Name of the book:

Vanish by Sophie Jordan

2 Words that describe the book: 

Star-crossed Dragon love
3 Setting/characters: 

While Sophie Jordan's first book took us away from Jacinda's home and the pride, Vanish brings us back. We get to know a lot more about the place Jacinda and Tamara grew up by walking the streets. The setting is of particular importance because in order for the pride to survive, they must be able to hide their existence from the rest of the world. 

The town is positioned in some heavily forested mountains and because of Nidia's ability to shade the town, it would appear to the outside world as an ever present  fog cover, with the town itself never fully seeing bright daylight. 
With the manifestation of Tamara, who is also a shader, the pride's safety is once again secure. 

Jacinda's return to the pride has cost her much. A fiery red-head, Jacinda is shunned by the pride for manifesting  in front of humans. She proves once again how strongly defiant she is taking the ostracism in silent reservation. However, inside she is morning the loss of Will, even as she tries to understand the complex feelings she has for Cassian. Jacinda is also concerned about both her sister and her mother, and as much as she want to be with Will, her loyalty to her family proves to be a huge barrier to acting selfishly. 

I think Emma Stone epitomizes Jacinda. She has a haughty look that Jacinda would need to carry off the coldness she receives from the pride while she hides her the pain and loss inside from everyone including herself.

In Firelight, I disliked Cassian. He was arrogant and entitled. He wanted Jacinda and ignored and hurt Tamara. However, in Vanish, I grew to respect Cassian a lot. Despite the fact that Jacinda continued to spurn his attention, Cassian repeatedly came to her aid, showing that he really did care about her as a person not just a fire breather. He also attempted to show feelings for Tamara, but his passion for Jacinda proves to be too strong. It becomes very obvious that as much as Jacinda cares about Will, Cassian cares that deeply for Jacinda and is willing to go up against his father to protect her.

Brant Daugherty has the dark handsome features of Cassian although I see Cassian as more brooding and buff.

4 Likes/dislikes:

Vanish definitely gave a greater insight into the pride. I like learning more about the daily operation of the town. Jordan also allowed us to see more into the some of the other characters inlcuding Cassain's father and leader of the pride, Severin; Cassian's sister, Miriam, and a new anatagonist; Cobin, Cassian's cousin.

Tamara's character is also developed more, although I would have liked more about her than was given. I do expect that Jordan will continue to give Tamara more prominence in book three. What I really liked about Tamara's character in Vanish though is she finally shows that Jacinda and her do have a deep connection that despite their differences cannot be broken.

While Vanish ends without resolving any of the conflict introduced,  I do understand why Jordan wrote it this way.  I just hope book three will prove to be the most exciting of the series, and not be too neatly tied up.

I like and dislike that Vanish leaves us wondering about Way too many things. The biggest is what Will is or isn't. There is one scene that foreshadows a possibility, which I won't spoil, but it does lead me to think that Will's part in the next book will be big. I am also intrigued about Jacinda and Tamara's mother and what will happen with her and finally whether or not Cassian and Tamara will find love. 

5 Cherries or less:

 I have to give Vanish four stars. I really liked the action and learning more about the pride. I was also very concerned that the storyline would focus way too much on Jacinda's pining over losing Will, and was extremely pleased that did not happen. Like many second books in a series, I didn't love it as much as Firelight, but I did enjoy where Jordan took us and am very excited to see where she will take us next.



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The plot is great. She always keeps me guessing. Can't wait to read the next. One of my favorite authors.

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