Saturday, July 23, 2011

Show Me Five Review
Angel by L.A. Weatherly

Saturday, July 23, 2011
Show Me Five review, which  was originally created by That's a Novel Idea as a weekly Saturday meme and has become a favorite review format of mine. The numbers correspond to the number of answers provided about the book.

1 Name of the book:
Angel by L. A Weatherly

2 Words that describe the book:

Action-packed, romance

3 Settings or characters

The setting in Angel  covers a large amount of the US, including the east coast where Alex finds Willow then cross country to New Mexico, the Sierra Nevada, and eventually Denver. 

My favorite setting was the small mining cabin Alex takes Willow after several near misses with both angels and people trying to kill Willow. The cabin is a place where Alex and his brother would go to relax after an assignment and is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

It is basically one room with a single cot and a table where the two play cards. They use a small mountain stream to bathe in.

The reason this is my favorite setting is because the cabin provides Alex and Willow a chance to get to know each other and relax enough to express their feelings for one another. It is also the calm before the storm because leaving the mountain means Willow is facing almost certain death.

Willow is a very special character. For most of her life she has taken care of her mother, who has angel burn, and lives inside herself. Willow is  different than most girls her age. She is not into fashion preferring to buy vinatage clothers to fashionable ones. She can fix cars, and is psychic. Having been responsible for her mother since she was very young she is independent and has no trouble standing up for herself. She has long wavy blonde hair large eyes and a pixie-ish chin and she is half-human half-angel.

 Alex like Willow never had a childhood. At the age of five his mother died as a direct cause of angel burn. His father built a camp to train angel killers and Alex and his brother Jason grew up learning how to detect an angel's aura, and how to kill them. At seventeen he has lost both his brother and father, hates angels,  and is the best angel killer around.

 He is medium build, slim, but with firm-looking shoulders and moves like an athlete confident in his own body. He seems older than he is with  bluish-grey eyes and dark hair slightly tousled, growing down past his ears.

4 Likes/dislikes

The plot of Angel was extremely fast-paced. I enjoyed Weatherly's take on angels. These are not benevolent beings, but feed off of humans leaving them with angel burn. The humans become sick either mentally, physically or both and eventually die from their contacts with angels, although once feed off, they can only see the angels as beautiful creatures who deserve to be worshiped and adored, which is why Alex hates them so.

Although it took me a while to embrace the fact that the story alternates between Willow's POV and third person, I eventually grew to not only understand why Weatherly chose this, but ended up liking it. First, it gave a greater insight into Willow's character and also allowed me to understand the magnitude of background needed to know not only Alex, but the sinister plan the angels had to destroy the human race.

The romance between Willow and Alex was very well done. At first they are uncomfortable with each other. Alex knows Willow is half-angel and his whole life has been dedicated to killing angels. Willow is trying to come to terms with that fact that she is on the run because the angels are trying to kill her. As they travel across county together they both begin to rely on each other. Alex protects Willow and Willow saves Alex's life. The time they spend in the mining cabin cements their feelings. Their relationship is slow and steady and deeply rooted in a mutual need to save mankind.

The ending was also very well down. I loved the respite Weatherly gave right before the climax. I also was quite satisfied that instead of a major cliff-hanger or a neat wrap up that the story ended with enough tension that ensured the sequel would see Willow and Alex together fighting another day.

5 Cherries of less:

 I am giving Angel five cherries because I feel it was a extremly well written book that kept me reading to find out what would happen to two really amazing characters. I love the intricate plot and the unique angel mythology. 

I want to thank Leanna at Daisy Chain Book Reviews for this book. It may have taken me a while to get around to reading it, but now that I have I am grateful that I was lucky enough to have won it.
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