Thursday, August 26, 2010

Terrific Trailer Thursday

Thursday, August 26, 2010
Terrific Trailer Thursday is a (semi) weekly event similar to Waiting on Wednesday only with books and movie trailers. 

This week I collected trailers of August releases for your viewing pleasure. All of these are out or will be released next week. Enjoy!

Delacroix Academy:The Candidate by Inera Scott

Dead is Just a Rumor by Marlene Perez

Infinite Day by Rebecca Maizel

You by Charles Benoit

Black Hole Sun by David Macinnes Gill

Time Riders: Day of the Predators by Alex Scarrow

I think my favorite is Time Riders and while I have not read any of this series, I am definitely going to check them out. I am also quite interested in Black Hole Sun as it looks very intriguing.

Any of these pique your interest?


Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

Wow, ALL of these trailers are amazing and they are also very frustrating because I will just have to add more books to my wishlist and spend money again, haha.

Aleksandra said...

I don't usually search & watch the book trailers, I only read the summaries, so thanks for sharing :)
From these The Candidates, TimeRiders & Black Hole Sun are on my tbr/wishlist & now I'll add You & the Dead Is series. They sound great, too :)
I liked all the trailers, but TimeRiders, Black Hole Sun & Dead is Just a Rumor trailers the most :)

Melissa said...

I usually avoid book trailers, but I'm not really sure why. Thanks for posting these! :)

NatalieSap said...

I am so not on top of book trailers - how does one even go about finding them? Do you have a particular book in mind when you search? Or is it just a generic "book trailer" search and see what comes up? The concept itself is odd to me - an audiovisual representation of a written work? Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Hi, just noticed you've got my trailer up here! Thanks for helping to 'spread' it. Glad it's piqued your interest, it was damned good fun to make as well...particularly the bits at the end that feature (briefly) my family and I running around the woods at night!

Anyway....I hope it tempts you to look at the TimeRiders books, and if it does, I'd reccomend you start with the first book, as the series is all time travel and quite an involved plot.

Thanks again

Alex Scarrow (author - TimeRiders)

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