Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alison Dare Double Dare Blog Tour Contest Entry/ Alison Dare and the Dastardly Doogie Duo

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I recently heard about this fun contest being held as part of a Blog Tour featuring Alison Dare an adventurous twelve-year old girl created by J. Torres  his partner, artist Jason Bone.

The tour is to help kick-off the recent release of two new Alison Dare graphic novels.

The contest asks participants to place a picture of Alison Dare in front of a famous landmark , an exotic location, or in the face of danger. For complete details head over to Talking with Tundra.

Here are my pictures complete with a short tale I call...

 Alison Dare and the Dastardly Doggie  Duo

Alison Dare is in St. Louis searching for the Dastardly Doggie Duo who have be terrorizing the city. The Doogie Duo were last seen at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park home of the Gateway Arch.

Alison Dare searches the Arch grounds for signs of the Doggie Duo.

When Alison gets word that the Doggies Duo plans to kidnapp the Anheuser Busch Clydesdales she rushes over to help protect them. Luckily, she gets there just in time.

Finally, she finds the dastardly doggie duo and swings into action.
Hank begs for mercy knowing that he has met his match, after all look what Alison did to his brother in crime, Taylor!

Alison Dare's  strong left hook has Taylor down for the count.

Once again the streets of St Louis are safe.
Thank you Alison!


Suzanne said...

Love the photos! I'm part of the blog tour and will have Alison showing her stuff on June 18th!

Take care

Chick with Books

Beverly said...

Just wanted to say thanks for hosting such a great contest!

chelleyreads said...

awww... jan, hank and taylor are so cute! we love the pictures of the dastardly duo ;)

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