Friday, March 5, 2010

Book Blogger Convention Rant

Friday, March 5, 2010
Book Blogger Convention

I was checking out a recent post over at Mother Reader this morning and she was talking about the Book Blogger Convention. Other bloggers have mentioned it off and on all last month as early registration ended Feburary 14.

How exciting to be a part of a convention just for book bloggers. And if you are a new blogger, like myself, imagine all the wonderful information and contacts you might make rubbing elbows with bloggers who have been blogging for years, and authors whose books you read and spotlight with reviews and recommendations. Add to that the fact that the convention is taking place in one of the most exciting cities in the world: New York, and it would be a dream come true.

Except for me! I will not be going. I can't go. I am a teacher and my school year is ending while this convention it taking place. There is no way that I can leave my job, and be a part of this mega event, and I am a bit put out about it. So while everyone in the book blogging blogosphere is blogging at the end of May about their exciting days at the convention, I will be reading about all the authors and publisher they have met, and all the great bookish  conversations they have had, and have to live vicariously through their posts. 

Maybe next year, the organizers will consider holding the convention a little later say in the middle of June, when teachers like myself can actually participate. After all as their logo states: I read and blog and I really want to learn. Anyone else feeling left out? Hopefully I will be able to make the Kidlit Conference this fall (if it doesn't fall during parent teacher conference that is).


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Suey said...

Yes, I'm feeling very much left out! That last week of school is hard for me, a mom with very busy kids, to leave also. Not to mention that it's my daughter's high school graduation that very day of the con. But I have a feeling the timing of this event will never change because it will be part of the BEA... which I think will always be that last week of May.

Mardel said...

Well, I feeld a little left out, but for different reasons. I work as a library tech, and so it's at the end of our school work year also. But there is now way that I would ever be able to afford to go to New York, afford the fees, afford the hotel, all of that. So I have learned over the years not to look forward to events that I can't pay for.

Angela Craft said...

Here from the Saturday Network! My rant with the Book Blogger Con is it takes place on a Friday. I live and work in New York so attending should have been no problem - except that I work in the book industry (bargain book wholesaling) so taking the Friday of BEA is totally out of the question for me. Saturday I could totally make, since my work ends at 5 pm on Friday evening. So I'm really bummed :-(

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

I couldn't agree with your rant more! Plus what the other commenters had to say (well except for the first one - get a life!) It frustrates me too. And it frustrates me because of the cost. There is no way we could afford for me to go there. Just once I'd love to have a convention like this or the library assoc one, held in my hometown!

btw-stopped over from the Saturday Network :) Great blog!

Callista said...

I feel left out because I can't afford to go. Maybe if it was only the ticket price but it's the way there and accomodations and stuff too.

As for the date, they chose that one to coincide with BEA. But I see the frustration.

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