Sunday, January 10, 2010

Comment Challenge & Bloggiesta Updates

Sunday, January 10, 2010
This has been an interesting and busy day. I actually began blogging this morning at about 1:45 AM. From there I read a few blogs and began the Comment Challenge. Since I joined the Bloggiesta late, I cannot count all my time this morning, but I have accomplished a lot all the same:

So far I have added another 8 comments to my 15 for a grand total of 23 comments today! Thanks to everyone who came by and left a comment for me too. I have to say this has been fun and enlightening. I am looking forward to doing even more tomorrow.

Other things I accomplished:

1. Added meta description and meta keywords to my blog. I managed to figure this out thanks to a great post from Blogger Tips.comThe information was very clear with pictures (always a plus)

2. Worked on upcoming blog posts.

3. Cleaned out and organized my feed reader

4. Got my Twitter on I work on this, but I am new to Twitter and haven't totally wrapped my head around what I need to do to really make it worth my while.

5. Went to the library (not sure this one counts) 

6. Fixed my blog labels thanks to both Kristin@ Bookworming in the 21 Century and Beth Fish Reads for links and advice on how to do this. Thankfully I only just started blogging so I did not have a lot to do.

 Total hours spent  8


Sandra Stiles said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I got to school early today and checked my Google reader and looked up your site, Your information on adding meta tags and meta keywords was so helpful I was finally able to do it. Not only that but I started looking through the code and was able to change the date in my footer. It wasn't as difficult as I thought. I feel a little bit more confident about making some changes to my blog site slowly of course. Thanks so much

Suey said...

Looks like you had a fun Bloggiestas! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope to see you around lots!

Elisabeth Marie said...

Personally, I feel any posts you did during the weekend should count towards Bloggiesta, since it WAS over the weekend. :P

monica said...

I'm on Twitter, have been for awhile. The best advice I have on Twitter is to just jump into the conversation. Try to tweet interesting things, maybe ask a question. Replying to others is a great way to make friends on Twitter.

Anonymous said...
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