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Disclaimer & Review Policy

Most of the book I review I either buy or borrow from the library; however, I also review books from authors/publishers. In compliance with the new FTC policies, if a book I am reviewing comes from an author/publisher, I will state this in my review.

This blog is an extension of both my love of reading and my full-time career as a communication arts teacher. Since beginning this blog in November of 2009, I have spent the majority of my free time reading books, writing reviews, and interacting within the blogging community. It has become a real passion, and I actively promote my blog in any way I can. 

Many of the books I read end up as suggestions for an Area Wide Book Battle that I am a co-founder. This is a annual event that presently has over 30 middle school participants, and is held at the middle school where I teach.

I’m more than happy to accept review copies and catalogs from authors and publishers and participate in blog tours and author interviews. However, be aware that I only review young adult, and middle school fiction, and I am currently not accepting e-books.

What Happens When I Accept a Book for Review?

Once I receive a book,  I will always attempt to read any book that is sent to me in a timely manner.  I will also strive to only accept books that I believe I will enjoy; unfortunately, I cannot guarantee this. If a book has not engaged me within the first 50-100 pages, I may abandon it, but I will guarantee that I will always try to finish and review every book that is sent to me. 

When Will I Review a Book?

I try to read and review titles as quickly as possible, but due to my full-time teaching job, a 97 year-old father, whose estate and welfare I am responsible for, and my own reading interests, it may take a while. An ARC will receive priority, and I will review the book in the month surrounding its release date, and in most cases, before the book is published.  If the book has already been published then, it may take me anywhere from 1-3 months to read and review it. Blog tours and author interviews, however will be published at a pre-determined date set up for the tour.

Types of Reviews I Write

When I do review a book, you will find my reviews to be honest, which means if I did not like it I will explain what I did not like. However, I can always find positive elements in almost any book and will make sure that my review reflects this.

I usually write two types of reviews. My longer reviews usually concentrate on the elements of fiction  (plot, characterization, theme, setting, and point of view). Much of this depends, naturally, on the book and how it is written. 

I also write shorter reviews that highlight what I like and/or didn't like.  All reviews use first person point of view.

Types of Books I Like

I have a fairly eclectic taste in fiction, which means I love fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, paranormal, mysteries, and realistic fiction. While I do read romance, I prefer it to not be the main conflict. 

I look forward to helping you promote your book. Email me at

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